Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto


The only reason why the battery is in the picture is to show the size of the cigar.  I saw a friend yesterday who gave me a few of these petit robustos and the first thing that came to mind was how pretty these little guys are.  I’ve always maintained that HDM has one of the most beautiful Cuban cigar bands and matched with this 4 1/8 inch, 50 ring gauge cigar gives you a real visual treat.  I’m a big fan of the Epicure No 2 and the Double Coronas from this brand but this smaller brother of the Epicure does not exactly resemble the former of the two.  Where the Double Corona starts off with mildness, the Petit Robusto seems to behave in the same way but gradually moves into a great medium strength cigar with the same sort of flavor profile that HDM is known for.

This brand has a rich Cuban history, starting in 1865 by Don Jose Gener y Batet, when he acquired one of the finest pieces of land in the Vuelta Abajo and registered the HDM name.  Translating from Spanish to English, this name means “The Hole of Monterrey”, which pertains to the concave land favored by tobacco growers.  Shelter, rich soil and hard work transformed this company into a giant in the Cuban Cigar industry and by 1958 this company produced 13% of all Havana cigar exports.

Something to consider when thinking about ordering a box of these Petit Robustos is the price and how competitive it is for the quality of cigar you are getting.  This is a lunchtime cigar, a middle of the day cigar and one that will give you an impressive glimpse into the history of this prestigious Cuban brand.  I really do believe that we are in the middle of a golden era of Cuban cigar manufacturing and production.  Cuba, although staying relatively steady with cigar sales world wide, seems to be putting an intense effort in insuring that their product climbs ever higher in quality.  This IS the time to be stocking up and aging your favorite Cuban cigar since they are tasting great, even while young, so aging should bring this generation of Cuban cigars phenomenal results.