Montecristo A…. The Big Daddy


Since we’re talking about Montecristos lately, I felt that maybe it was time to pay homage to the biggest Montecristo of them all. The Montecristo A is the biggest Monte out of Cuba at 9 1/4 inches long with a ring gauge of 47. Think about it, this is almost the same ring gauge as a Robusto but 4 1/4 inches longer ! I can easily get 2 hours of smoking from a Robusto, when I take my time, so you can only imagine the evening ahead of you after you light up one of these majestic wonders. Plan on sitting back and whatever you do, don’t make any plans for at least the next 3 or so hours.

This gran corona will not start with intense strength, instead you’ll notice it building in intensity in a very slow curve. This is an earthy Montecristo, subtle and leathery, with all of the bean flavors gently evolving in a very mellow manner throughout. Different large cigars coming out of Cuba will vary in strengths but the “A” is one of the richest contributions that Habanos gives us without ever getting harsh in the process.

People are sometimes wary of a large cigar because they will often equate a larger cigar with a stronger cigar but the Montecristo A is one of the milder Montecristos available. One of my favorite things to do is to hand out a few different cigars to my friends as we sit down and spend time comparing the different profiles and strengths. The “A” almost always surprises everyone with it’s gentle approach and elegant performance.