Montecristo Regata…Perfect Medium Strength, Mid-day Cigar


A Montecristo that is catching on with many new smokers is the Open Series Regata, the smaller brother of the Montecristo No. 2 with a tapered head, a 46 ring gauge and 5.3 inches long.  The high quality filler tobacco and smooth, slightly oily wrapper will start off being a bit spicy in the first few puffs but will settle down into a sweet, almost creamy coffee and toasted tobacco profile into its first third.  Halfway into the cigar, a bit more cedar is introduced and then this cigar ends with a steady medium strength that is perfect smoking for a crisp autumn day.

When the “Open Series” from Montecristo was first introduced in 2009, a lot of die hard Monte smokers lined up to buy and finally taste the new cigars that many people were talking about.  Initially the series was met with mixed reviews because the old regulars were expecting an experience similar to the Edmundo and Monte No 2, what they were met with was a flavor profile that didn’t have the strength and maybe the complexity that they were used to.  This was exactly what Habanos expected but weren’t aiming to get the old guard on board, their intention was to introduce a new line of cigars that new smokers could become attached to.

It worked.  Many new cigar smokers are now lining the bottoms of their humidors with the Open Series, whether it be the Regata ( my favorite), the Master, the Eagle or the Junior.  These cigars are the perfect mid day cigar because of their gentle approach and smooth finish that doesn’t overpower the palate with strong flavors of pepper or strong cedar finishes that stay with you for the rest of the day.  Let the Cohiba or Partagas big boys be your companion as you smoke the last cigar of the day.