My Top 10 Cuban Cigars In 2010

Different people have different tastes in cigars and many people will wonder why their favorite Cuban was left out but I want to begin by saying that this compilation of cigars was made up from some memorable moments I had smoking, what I believe, are the finest cigars in the world.  Some of these cigars were produced in years before 2010 but were the ones I smoked last year……

1… Ramon Allones Phoenicio ……  Well we may as well start off with one that will ruffle a feather or two concerning the release date but on July 28, 2010 I finally lit one up and all of my anticipation and patience paid off in spades…. Flavors of gingerbread, mild milk chocolate and very subtle hints of nutmeg kept swirling around my palate during the 2/12 hours it took to smoke this 54 ring gauge, 5 1/2 inch masterpiece…. Very difficult cigar to find these days, when originally released in 2008 they were only available at the Beirut duty free stores…..

2…  Cohiba Behike 52…… Now I’m struggling with myself as to whether or not put this into the number one spot because of it’s wonderful taste but I still maintain that the Phoenicio WAS that good!!!!  The Behike 52 was in a class by itself from start to finish and maybe because I was smoking it while on holidays without a care in the world, it tasted a bit better…. I’m not sure….. But….  There was something brand new about this beautiful cigar from Cohiba.. Totally unique and fantastic even at such a young age….

3…   H. Upmann Magnum 48…  Oh oh, here we go again with a cigar that did NOT come out in 2010 ( 2009 actually ) but where this cigar was sweet and fruity in it’s first year of life, the second year revealed a more classic beauty of medium to strong coffee and dark chocolate flavors that were very elegant… I really need to find more of these….

4…   Cohiba Robusto…..  Still a very steady contender in the top 10 of anyone who appreciates a good Cuban.. I’ve never had one with any kind of burn or draw issues and the grassy, spicy flavors are something I can count on whenever remove one from my humidor..

5… Cohiba Piramides EL 2006…. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.. Trevor at “The Vancouver Cigar Company” still has some of these in stock and if you like classic Cohiba perfection, you may want to get in touch with him.  This torpedo lives up to the reputation that the 2001 had and the more reviews I read, the more I see that smokers prefer the 2006.  It seems to take all of the greatest features of the Esplendidos and Cohiba Robusto and combines them all into one exceptional cigar…  They get better and better every year they age in the humidor.

6…   El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme…  This is a very unique tasting Hermoso No. 4 that is easy on the wallet and even easier on the palate because of the cinnamon, slightly spicy flavors.  My box is from Dec ’08 and with every one I light I see a great improvement as months go by..  Is it a classic Cuban?? No, not really… It can’t be compared to a Monte No. 2 or Cohiba or Partagas but should be experienced and appreciated as a staple in the niche market… You could call it a cult cigar from Cuba… Those who love it seem to stand by it and are very loyal to the brand.

7…  H. Upmann No. 2…  I still have a few left from a box from ’07 and although I’ve smoked a few younger ones recently I’ve seen that their consistency is incredibly remarkable..  Fantastic flavors of leather, coffee and cedar that get smoother with age.  I feel that I should mention the Montecristo No. 2 as well here…. Still a great cigar with classic beauty but hey…. I love the Upmann !

8…  Partagas Serie D No. 5 LE 2008…  This cigar did NOT get great reviews when it came out in ’08 and so I left it alone and smoked my usual Serie D No 4’s and Lusitanias when I wanted a Partagas but last year I was given a few of these and was shocked as to how good it was.. Sweet, fruity, milk chocolate flavors with the Partagas profile coming through made me wonder what all the bad press was all about.. This is a great cigar that is well made and coming into it’s own.

9…   Bolivar Royal Coronas…   Now this is one of Cuba’s most consistent Robustos.. Very earthy and comforting to smoke on any occasion, whether it be after a full meal of large flavors or on the golf cart after a hot dog as you’re starting the back 9.  I smoked many in 2010 and it NEVER let me down..

10…   Diplomaticos No. 2…    You may wonder why I’ve included this cigar instead of the Montecristo No. 2 and you’d have a valid question but I feel that I have to include this great Piramide because of the lighter profile it has to offer that is a totally perfect cigar to smoke on the boat in the morning.  I couldn’t think of a better morning cigar because of it’s gentle approach and couldn’t think of a better cigar to offer the novice or seasoned aficionado.

Well there you go….. I know I’ve left out the Trinidads, HDM’s and Romeos….  But….. This is my list and next year is a whole new year!