Partagas 165 Pre-Release


Now and then you run into a cigar that is difficult to acquire and then the question is, do I smoke it or hang on to it forever.  Well, I was lucky in that I was able to get my hands on a few of these and decided to smoke one right away and hang on to the other.  A friend of mine was in Havana last November and attended the Dinner that was given to launch the Partagas 165 Aniversario.  That night many cigars were given out, some with bands like the one in the picture and many that were un-banded.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on both.


Since my Spanish is non-existent, I had to look up on the ‘net what Encuentro meant and I got Encounter, which tells me that, like my buddy said, these were handed out to friends of Partagas.  Hmmmm, I’m guessing that these are rare indeed.. Well, let’s get down to the cigar and how it tasted..

The size of the cigar was very close to a Churchill and so I’m guessing that it was around 6 1/2 inches long and about a 47 ring gauge.  Nice reddish brown wrapper and gave off the most wonderful barnyard smell.  The first few puffs told me that this was a young cigar with a whole lot of spice and continued like that for about the first inch or so, but settled down to a smaller amount of spice and more of a balance of cedar and hay as the cigar burned down.  This one will need at least 6 more months in the humidor to lose a bit of it’s youth.

As I smoked, I was a bit confused about the profile because nothing about this one reminded me of any Partagas cigar I’ve had yet.  What I really kept thinking was that I was tasting a Bolivar Belicosos Finos, which made a lot of sense because Bolivar is rolled in the partagas factory.  Hmmmm, quite puzzling but very very tasty and very much the Bolivar spiciness that we get from that shorter torpedo.

I’m very happy to have these cigars and will be hanging on to them for a while but if any of you can shed any light on this cigar, I’d really love it if you could leave a comment and tell me your thoughts.. Thanks.