Partagas Serie D No 5 Edicion Limitada


The picture above reveals that its late afternoon and I’m sitting in a car, enjoying a great cigar after a day of golf.  Well, there is no real golf reference in the shot, you’ll simply have to trust me on this one.  I’m a big lover of smoking in the car and tend to choose my best cigars for this environment so opting for the Partagas Serie D No 5 from 2008 was a great choice.

I’ve smoked a few of these in the last few years and have noticed that it’s profile, although a bit similar to the Partagas Series D No 4, is complex, super sweet and has no shortage of strength.  I’ve smoked boxes of the “D 4” and many others in the Partagas brand and have noticed a similarity in taste with a lot of the different sizes but this particular D 5 may have been one of the best Partagas cigars I’ve ever had the pleasure to smoke.  The beautiful, almost Maduro wrapper gave this cigar an unusual sweetness that stayed with the cigar until the end.  I employed a lot of patience and waited a lifetime between puffs and was rewarded with a rich rich dark chocolate with sweet strong espresso notes from start to finish.   I’m not convinced that there was a great evolution of flavors as this cigar burned but the quality of flavors more than made up for it… Very delicious !!

I’ve paid a lot of attention to the different reviews that this cigar has received since it was produced and it’s gotten it’s fair share of less than stellar reviews.  Why?? Don’t ask me !!  I’ve found that the years have been extra good to this Petit Robusto with it’s 50 ring gauge and length of 4.3 inches.  A lot can happen to a cigar in a humidor for 3 years and this particular stogie has developed into a real contender and one that will leave you wishing you had many more.  The fact that it is a bit shorter than a lot of cigars I smoke also led me to believe that as the cigar burned down, bitterness never entered into the picture and was very tasty well into the final millimeters.


An even burn, great draw and an explosion of rich dark flavors left me satisfied and thrilled with the thoughts of lighting one up again …….. in the car….