Partagas Serie D No 5 For 2011


The world of cigar aficionados is always interested in new and exciting developments from Havana in how it gives all of us new cigars to smoke each year.  Some cigars brands are a big big hit like Cohiba and when you have cigars that are made from the first pick of all of the tobacco in Cuba, it doesn’t take long to understand why you’ll have a gigantic success story on  your hands, a simple taste of these great cigars will solidify your belief in their superior product with the black and yellow bands.

The same can be said for Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo, Trinidad and many others too numerous to mention but today we’ll be directing our attention towards Partagas and their new cigar for 2011, the Partagas Serie D No 5.  Once again we’ll be getting a smaller cigar with a burn time that is more suited for today’s busy smoker but if the 2008 Serie D No 5 is any indication as to how this year’s new Partagas performs then we’ll be tasting a fantastic cigar that will satisfy any smoker that enjoys the Partagas flavor profile.

This new “Petit Robusto” from Partagas is 4.3 inches long and has a ring gauge of 50 which, if you take your time and smoke slowly, should last over an hour.  The thing I love about shorter cigar is that as they burn down they stay smoother and less harsh than their longer cousins… Less time- less tar build-up and a tastier cigar in the final third.  The first year that the 2008 Serie D No 5 from Partagas came out, didn’t see a lot of attention and there were reviews I read that didn’t give the cigar a real thumbs up but a few years in the humidor revealed a cigar that was of world class taste and performance.  The ’08 became complex and balanced which gives me cause to believe that we may be seeing the new 2011 addition needing a few years to settle own and come into it’s own.

Either way, young or aged, I am looking forward to tasting this new Partagas, stocking up on a few to place at the bottom of my humidor, and waiting a while.. It’s always a fun experiment and sometimes you can have treasure stockpiling in your perfect cigar resting place.