Partagas …Super Partagas

supart So last week I spent a few days in Nanaimo on beautiful Vancouver Island.  Anyone visiting Vancouver for the first time should always make the effort to take the ferry over to the Island on our west coast.  The capital city of our province is NOT Vancouver but Victoria, which is on the island and it is a very clean manicured city with stately homes, sunshine and a great university. Nanaimo is about an hour’s drive away and has great scenery and a thriving art and music scene.

I am always curious about what different cigar and smoke shops carry whenever I travel in Canada, so a few days ago I stopped into a small smoke shop and spotted a Humidor with Cuban cigars proudly displayed, which always gets me excited.  I found that the shop had the usual suspects of Montecristo No 2’s and number 4’s.. A few different sizes of H. Upmanns and Cohibas were also present but what got my attention was a box of “Cremas”, wrapped in cellophane and sitting on the top shelf.

The first thing I did was look at the side of the Partagas box and saw that these were Partagas Super Partagas cigars with slightly yellowed cellophane so I instantly went for the box and examined the bottom.  ’01 was all I needed to see so I chose a few and bolted out of the store, ran for my car and rummaged through my luggage for my cigar cutter and torch.  Since I was on my way out of town, I knew that I would have some driving time to try out one of these aged beauties and I couldn’t wait for the first puff.

I don’t know that much about the “Super Partagas” and really haven’t smoked that many, so I didn’t really have a reference point but upon lighting the cigar I noticed one thing right away, the 10 years in the humidor mellowed this Cremas ( ring gauge 40 and 5 1/2 ” ) and I was initially met with slight cedar and creamy coffee.  Simple would be the first word I’d pick when trying to describe the profile of this cigar since there wasn’t a ton of complexity here but I was very impressed with the elegance of the moment and the building of strength as the cigar burned down.

I can’t stress enough, the importance of checking the date stamped on the bottom of Cuban cigar boxes whenever you find yourself in a cigar store as you shop for a smoke.  Now and then you will discover that there are real treasures to be found if you look carefully and I felt that I had come across something special with the Super Partagas. Any cigar that has been kept in a humidor for a decade will only improve and evolve into a fine smoke.. It just takes patience, or in my case, good luck!