Quintero Brevas With Good Friends


Perched atop a glass of Merlot, above in the picture,  is a Quintero Brevas.  This cigar may not be the most expensive Cuban you will find nor will it be the most complex but it is in a class with Jose L. Piedra as being a cigar that will give you more than you might expect for the money you’ll spend.  We are entering into the winter months and just beginning a time when you may not want to light up a cohiba or Trinidad on a cold day outdoors.

With 5 1/2 inches long and a 40 ring gauge, you’ll get over an hour of smoking time from this moderately priced cigar and it will give you clouds of smoke, an easy draw and an even burn.  Not bad for a machine made cigar but miles ahead of Non-Cuban brands at the same price.  This is, once again, something that amazes me about Cuban cigars.  Its the soil, the sun and the age old tradition of making cigars without any additives that gives us this kind of flavor.

There is a bit of power in this small cigar.  Like I mentioned before, complexity is what you WON’T find but you’ll get loads of cedar, a bit of leather and a moist earthy finish that lasts for some time on your palate.  The cigar does NOT evolve as it burns down but DOES stay very pleasant as long as you don’t smoke it very hot.

I’m not sure that pairing a cigar with any kind of wine is good for me since I’m really a Scotch guy, but I had no problem with these two vices I cling to.  The evening spent with friends, cigars and wine was more than worth while and I’d do it again in a heart beat.