Quintero Londres Extra.. More Than You Bargained For !

Now and then you are in need of a break, you stop in at your favorite cigar store and then realize that maybe you should try something new, affordable and something that comes with a good solid recommendation.  You walk around the cigar shop and as you drool over the new Cohiba Behike or Esplendidos, a voice inside your head suggests that you scan over the boxes of Non-Cubans…. That nasty little voice loses the Cuban versus Non-Cuban argument and you stroll back to the cuban humidors and the drooling continues all over your tie.


A small Quintero catches your eye and then the price tag convinces you that for under ten dollars you can pick up 5 or 6 cigars for the price that you paid for 2 of your favorite Robustos last week.

I am presently smoking the Quintero Londres Extra that I bought and I didn’t expect, at all,  to be enjoying an affordable Cuban as much as this.  Its definitely giving me a LOT more than I expected.  Granted this one has a few years on it and had a small amount of plume on the wrapper, which gave it a nice bit of creaminess and smoothness but as I looked at the somewhat rough appearance I didn’t expect to have over 45 minutes of this much enjoyment.

If you are looking for the type of complexity that you’ll find in any of the larger ring gauge Cuban cousins, you may not get it here.  What you’ll end up with is a more refined version of the Jose L. Piedra in around the same price range.  Do yourself a favor and give this little guy a try, you’ll get more than you think!