Rafael Gonzalez Panetelas Extra… Affordable and Tasty


My favorite place to smoke a cigar is in the car and this sunny Sunday morning saw me driving back home from Vancouver Island with a new friend, the Panetelas Extra from Rafael Gonzalez.  I consider myself to be a Canadian who has an unquenchable thirst for the knowledge that comes from smoking ALL of the cigars available to us from the great country of Cuba.  With that thirst for this kind of knowledge and experience comes the cost of these fine cigars, and in a lot of cases, leaves many wondering how it is possible to account, at the end of the fiscal year, for spending as much as we do but when you enjoy something as much as cigar smokers love beautiful Cubans it all seems easy.

Whats even easier is finding a cigar from Cuba under ten dollars and realizing that you’ve just discovered a real gem that you look forward to smoking again and again.  This is how I felt this morning when I reached for my torch and toasted the foot of this 5 inch, 37 ring gauge Panetelas Extra.  I won’t go into a complex description of how the flavor profile took me on a journey from vanilla into the world of chocolate and ending with strong coffee notes, what I will tell you is that I found this little cigar to be slightly on the sweet side with notes of honey, toasted tobacco and a bit woody.  I found nothing to be harsh or unpleasant about this cigar from Rafael Gonzalez but relaxing and smooth for something that cost so little.

So in wrapping up this post, I wonder about the possibility of continuing my search for low priced Cuban cigars and getting into a habit of only smoking cheap cigars…… Not even close !  I still want to taste them all and taste many many cigars that will set me back a few precious dollars because that’s what I’ve become but I’m also open to the idea that great taste doesn’t have to leave you wondering about your fiscal responsibility and whether or not you need professional help from a financial guru.. I will though, continue to buy this particular cigar that gives me more than an hour of great flavor.