Ramon Allones Gordito ..Canadian RE 2010

This year Havana House has delivered on their promise to provide the Canadian Aficionado with 2 new Regional Editions, the Bolivar B2 and the Ramon Allones Gordito.  It was nice to see two hefty cigars come into our Canadian cigar stores, the B2 being a 6.1 inch 52 ring gauge Piramides and the Ramon Allones Gordito ( pictured above ) is a 50 ring gauge, 5.5 inch long Gordito.

When you compare the Gordito with the, very popular, Ramon  Allones Specially Selected you are getting the same ring gauge and just under an inch of extra smoking time.  For a slow smoker that can be a somewhat considerable bonus.  I purchased a few of these cigars in the early autumn, by Vancouver standards, and I feel that letting this cigar rest for a short while longer would probably give me a lot more smoking pleasure by the time I light it up.

From what I’ve learned so far, cigars when young, change in flavor quite dramatically with every few months that go by in their first year of life.. Let a cigar rest in your humidor for 3 years and a few more months won’t really be that much different in taste.  At that point, increments of 6 months are probably required to reveal the changes we taste in their flavor profile as they continue to ferment and age.

I don’t think that this one in the picture will make it through the Christmas season…… I’ll let you know how the story ends !