Romeo Y Julieta.. A True Legend


To anyone who has smoked a Cuban cigar, in particular a Romeo Y Julieta, the memory of the flavor profile is something that won’t be leaving you for quite some time.  Aficionados around the world have chosen this Cuban brand for its medium strength and complex variety of flavors that evolve and dance around the tongue from first third until the time the nub is set down in the ashtray.

Around 1875, when the brand was born, Romeo won numerous awards for it’s premiere tobacco and quality cigars but in 1903 the brand took a giant jump in the world market due to the efforts and marketing strategy of one Jose “Pepin” Rodriguez Fernandez, the head of the firm, Rodriguez, Arguelles y Cia.  Rodriguez traveled world wide and promoted the brand to rich and prominent clients, some of whom demanded that they have their own band with their names proudly displayed.  It was a scheme that propelled Romeo Y Julieta’s sales through the roof and at one time as many as 2,000 different bands were printed..  Talk about a pure tribute to good book keeping.. This was before the computer was even thought of.

I can safely say that I’ve smoked over 150 Romeo Churchills and cigar after cigar, this one has proven to be consistent, smooth and complicated with many flavors coming to the forefront without ever seeming to be unbalanced.  I read somewhere that Winston Churchill, whom this cigar was named after, smoked up to 11 a day.. Lets, for a moment,  direct our attention to the amount of time it takes to smoke a Churchill.  I’ve smoked them slowly for over 2 1/2 hours and that would mean that as long as Winston’s eyes were open, he was furiously puffing on one and then lighting another as soon as the last one was finished.  I can only imagine what his clothes looked like with all of the ash marks.

The Romeo tubos have become a favorite of mine as well because of the flavor and convenience of their packaging.  Nothing is easier than dropping one of the red and white tubes in a jacket pocket when I go out at night and the knowledge that it is safe from breaking or drying out is something I value greatly..  A few years back I came back from Havana with a box of Romeo Y Julieta No 3’s and I developed a real love affair for that little cigar.  It is great with coffee after breakfast and will only take under an hour to smoke.. I have 2 left and one is in the picture above.

This is a legendary brand that was named after William Shakespeare’s tragedy of two lovers that was read to cigar rollers by lectors many times over.  A very romantic tale and a truly legendary Cuban cigar.