Romeo y Julieta Escudos LE 2007


At 5 1/2 inches long and a ring gauge of 50, this gordito from Romeo y Julieta, which came out in 2007 is smoking these days like the “Rockstar” that many aficionados said it would become.  There’s nothing like a few years under a cigar’s belt to make it taste wonderful and balanced.  In 2007 this cigar was very spicy and the opinion was that it needed some time to settle down.  The “Duke” was the same kind of cigar in that, when young, would blow your head off with nicotine but now being smooth as silk.

Last year, Romeo y Julieta introduced the “Wide Churchill” and the world of cigar smokers all agreed that this new movement of a bigger ring gauge cigar in a slightly shorter format was what they were waiting for.  Time seems to be of the essence these days with cigar smokers in that they are looking for a cigar that will last for about an hour or so, but didn’t want a cigar with a smaller ring gauge.  If this is the direction that we are heading in, I’m good with that since I believe that a wider ring gauge quite often will give you a more complex and richer smoke.

These Escudos are still available for a fair price and if you want to try a cigar that is balanced, medium to strong and very ready to show the world it’s true potential.