Romeo Y Julieta

The tin of cigars I was given a few days ago from my brother-in-law is pictured above but not Cuban but from The Dominican Republic.  I’m normally a Cuban lover and prefer the flavor coming from that island than the neighboring countries but a few things caught me off guard.  These small cigars, about the size of a perla, were quite enjoyable but not in the same category as their Cuban cousins.  I guess I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to shiny objects and this box was an example of fine packaging and I had to take a pic and save it in my cigar files.

I’ve smoked some wonderful Romeos in the last few years and one of my favorites is the Romeo Y Julieta Churchill .  The British statesman smoked so many of this size that the Cuban cigar producing giant named a cigar in his honor.  It is one of the biggest selling Churchills coming out of Cuba today and for many reasons.  The flavor profile present in this cigar can be dependable in that it delivers a very consistent set of flavors that come through from cigar to cigar.  Consistency in the construction is second to none and when aged, these churchills are nothing short of inspiring to lovers of this size.

Others worth noting from this brand are the Romeo Y Julieta Exhibicion No 4, the Romeo Y Julieta Short Churchill, ALL of the Romeo Tubos and the newest from the line, the Romeo Y Julieta Wide Churchill..

This will be a brand that will be in my humidor as long as I smoke Cuban cigars.  Cigar smokers who are familiar with this brand have probably had a long history with them and that is why they sell in great numbers world wide.