San Luis Rey Lonsdale

This Lonsdale I’m now smoking from Saint Luis Rey was given to me this afternoon and I felt that I should take a picture before lighting up.  I believe that this cigar is no longer being produced and so my guess is that it was probably rolled close to the year 2000.  Although a bit tight on the draw, I’m still getting a good amount of smoke and enjoying this cigar immensely.

Liquorice and citrus were what I got after about 1/2 an inch burned down and pretty much stayed that way until the final third when the cigar became a bit woodier and stronger.  I’m not saying that this is an unusually complex cigar but there are notes of leather and dark chocolate creeping in from time to time but in a very subtle way.  Once again I have to say that cigars with ring gauges smaller than 46 or so really have to be watched and smoked slowly as they tend to get a bit harsh if hurried.

All in all I believe that Lonsdales can be a very elegant experience, maybe because of their size… Maybe because of the care taken when rolling or maybe it’s just me thinking that this was one of Frank Sinatra’s favorite cigar.. Thats good enough reason for me any old day!