The Texture Of A Cigar Ash

What we have in the picture is a toothpick, a pair of hands and the final third of my Juan Lopez Seleccion No 2 cigar.  First I have to tell you that the first two thirds of this robusto were spicy and peppery with a smooth creamy finish that made me wonder what old school Havana cigars tasted like and if this Lopez, in some way, resembled the cigars of years gone by.  Not sure what this cigar’s profile will reveal yet.. I’ll let you know in a post down the road.

The reason why I have a toothpick in my hand is because I’ll probably use it when the cigar gets too short to hold with my fingers..  I’ll stab the nub of the cigar and hold it that way as I smoke it down to the final quarter inch..  They taste great all the way down.. Yeah yeah, I’m a fanatic, what can I say!

Another thing I like to do with a toothpick is to gently stab away at the ash when I sense that its going to fall off and see if I can take control of the cigar ash’s length and reduce it to a reasonable length so I can keep the flame cool.  A cooler flame results in a cigar’s flavors to be far superior than a bare red hot cone showing after the ash has fallen onto whatever it is I’m wearing that day.  yeah yeah, I’m a fanatic, what can I say.

Here is where you can learn a little bit about the filler used in the production of a cigar and the different consistencies the ash has.. The ligero leaves, in the ash, will feel very crispy and a bit troublesome to eliminate while the seco and volado leaves leave a soft, slightly crumbly ash that falls away very easily.. I didn’t really think about a cigar ash’s consistency until I tried this process.. I was reminded that there are more minerals in the ligero because of their place in the tobacco plant up at the top.  These leaves get a lot of direct sunlight and the plant helpes those leaves by sending more minerals to the top of the plant to help it cope with the sun’s intensity..

Try this sometime but be patient because a longish ash tends to fall away very easily and you have to wait a spell for the ash to gain some length and for the flame to cool….. I have the most trouble at red lights with both hands out the window.. If you ever see me in traffic doing this you’ll know what I’m up to… The rest of the non-cigar smoking civilians out there on the road simply think I’m crazy..  But you know different, don’t you.. Don’t you?????