A Very Pretty Churchill


Yesterday, as I was leaving for a round of golf, my friends were frantically honking their horn outside as I ran to the humidor to get a cigar for the day on the course.  I can slightly remember thinking that the one I chose was a good looking cigar but other things were on my mind, like my torch, my golf shoes, my cigar cutter, my lucky golf cap, my lucky green repair tool, my cel phone, my wallet and the keys.  Everything in place, I locked up, loaded the clubs into their car and avoided all of the harassment they were giving me about making them wait the whole 1 1/2 minutes all of that took.

We teed off at 3:40 PM which meant that we got a nice price for twilight and the round was progressing nicely but the wind was blustering on the front nine so I decided to light the cigar on the back nine when things quieted down a bit.. Sure enough, the wind subsided and on 11 I pulled the cigar out.  This is a bundle cigar from the Partagas factory but something seemed a bit odd about it’s construction… It was perfect in every way !! Now that’s a bold statement if I ever heard one but as I kept looking at this Churchill, I was becoming more and more entranced on it’s sheer beauty.. It reminded me of the Cohiba Bekihe 52 I smoked last year in that the wrapper, which was slightly redder than the Cohiba, was perfect as was the meticulously applied triple cap.  There was a smoothness to the look of the cigar and I felt compelled to take a picture of it with my cel phone ( not the greatest camera BTW ) in the setting sunlight.

I felt bad that I had selected this cigar for a day of golf, this would have been better suited for a long drive in the car but maybe smoking a Churchill with buddies on the course is not really a bad choice.  My game sagged a bit on the back nine because of the fact that I was distracted a bit with this cigar so I lost a few bucks but what a great evening….  The cigar burned slowly, I took my time and actually lasted for the rest of the round… I even felt compelled to take a quick shot of the last inch after I got home..