Trinidad EL 2010 And Golf

By looking at the picture above you’ll see 3 things that stand out.. First you’ll notice that I am at the golf course.. Second thing you may notice is that I’m smoking a Trinidad Short Pobustos Edicion Limitada 2010.  The third is that I really DO need a new golf glove but the rest of Canada is under a blanket of snow at this time and I’m out golfing..

I picked this cigar up from Trevor at ” The Vancouver Cigar Company ” last summer and have been letting it age in my humidor for about 8 months.. Was that a good decision?  YES !!  This was a nice cigar when it came out last year but I’m so glad that I had the patience to let it sit because now it has become, in my humble opinion, a beautiful classic tasting Trinidad..

I’m a big fan of the Coloniales and still believe that it is one of the best cigars out there for the money but in terms of flavor and construction, last year’s EL is a strong competitor.  Although only 4 inches long and a ring gauge of 50, I was able to smoke it for over an hour on the back nine and I was very sad when the last half inch was left sitting in a divot on 16..

What is the perfect golf cigar??  Well….. All of them are perfect !!  Each and every Cuban I smoke out there help me feel comfortable and relaxed and, to some degree, very lucky..