Vegas Robaina-Don Alejandro

Don In A Tree

A few days back I stopped in at The Vancouver Cigar Company and Trevor directed me over to a few new boxes of cigars that had just arrived.  I usually get wrapped up in the excitement of Cuba’s annual releases of ER’s and EL’s, who can blame me, but this time I concentrated on a box from Vegas Robaina, Don Alejandro a 7.6 inch X 49 ring gauge,  very attractive Double Coronas or Prominente ( Factory  Name ).  The special edition cigars make a lot of waves every year and collectors all over the world will not balk at spending a premium to collect and age boxes of these rare and sometimes hard to get cigars while the regular production Cuban cigars, like the Don Alejandro in this case, will sit on the back burner in people’s minds.  I’ve said before and will always maintain that almost every Cuban handmade cigar with the right amount of age will surprise and dazzle lovers of Cuban cigars, regardless of it’s band.  This box of Don Alejandros had a 2011 stamp on the bottom and Trevor mentioned that Havana House, the official distributor of Cuban cigars in Canada, has been sending The Vancouver Cigar Company some very special boxes lately.  One look at the slightly oily and smooth wrappers on these cigars told me that this could be one of these boxes and I felt very lucky to be the first person to pick a few cigars from this presentation of 25

After clipping the head of this Don Alejandro I tested the draw and found only a slight resistance which is perfect in my opinion.  Because these cigars had been resting for going on two years I wasn’t surprised to taste a total absence of ammonia,  only slight hints of black tea and very subtle notes of dark chocolate.  After lighting this rather large and impressive cigar I was initially met with a cedar and toasted tobacco based profile but this only stayed present, and with a bit of an attitude, for a short time before notes of bittersweet chocolate started to accompany this woody taste when the cigar settled down into a more medium strength smoke.  This mellower flavor presentation lasted well through the first third, it continued to show a cedar based flavor profile but evolved into a very sweet cigar with no shortage of honey and milk chocolate.

Well into the halfway mark and over an hour of smoking this Double Corona I started to taste leather in this cigar’s profile, I became transfixed on every puff since I’m used to seeing a cigar with this size become a bit predictable but there were smooth transitions from sweet chocolates to honey, cedar and leather, convincing me that this was one of the best cigars I’ve smoked this year.  I’m a big fan of the Vegas Robaina Famosos, Unicos and Clasicos, I really do love the quality of the tobacco in this line and it’s very distinct taste but the experience of this Don Alejandro was starting to tower over all of my previous memories of smoking this brand.  Final third left me in a bit of a trance-like state, the strength ramped up predictably but the sweetness continued and never really left the flavor profile to the end.  Wow!

If you’re at all curious about this cigar and wish to try a few from this particular box, I’d strongly suggest contacting The Vancouver Cigar Company in the very near future to find out how many are still available.  I’m rarely this rabid about a cigar but I was very pleasantly taken by surprise and thought I’d write a few words about this experience.