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Cohiba Esplendidos Cuban Cigars


In 1989 the Esplendidos was added to the Cohiba line and the cigar took the world by storm. Cohiba gets first pick from Cuban tobacco harvested annually and with its incredible blend, this cigar delivers a complex flavor profile that gives cigar lovers a never ending roller coaster of ever evolving flavors.

One minute you'll be experiencing an herbal grassy taste and the next you'll be amazed at the coffee and chocolate notes which appear. Spice is also something you can expect with this Julieta No. 2, although never harsh, you'll notice that there is a white pepper sensation which accompanies the many notes you'll taste. After smoking many Cuban cigars you'll find that the Cohiba spice is what you'll identify first upon lighting.

Quite often in cinema and, now music videos, you'll see an Esplendidos as a recognizable prop in the hands of those wishing to appear successful, it is simply one of the world's finest cigars.

Popular Vitola: Churchill
Factory Vitola: Julieta No.2
Ring Gauge: 47
Cigar Length: 178 mm / 6.9 inches
Body: Medium - Full