Cohiba Piramides Extra Cuban Cigars

Cohiba Piramides Extra Cuban Cigars


This new cigar shape for Cohiba's regular line is now winning the praise from many aficionados with it's taste and a few "Extras" this cigar delivers.  A regular Piramides is a cigar with a 52 ring gauge, this is a 54 and instead of a length of 6 1/8 inches, we see this torpedo being a length of 6 5/16 inches long.

Like the Behike, this cigar is banded with a beautifully complex band featuring the hologram Taino head and gorgeous foil presentation.  The flavours of this cigar range from the herbal grassy opening you usually get with Cohiba's regular line to more of a complex medium to full flavoured profile we've seen with the Behike, its the best of both worlds now in regular production.

Expect notes of fresh hay, creamy chocolate and as the cigar burns into the final third you may taste gingerbread and subtle notes of honey.  Even a few short months in a humidor lined with Spanish Cedar sees this Piramides Extra mature into a stately figure in the Cohiba line.

Popular Vitola: Piramides Extra
Ring Gauge: 54
Cigar Length: 6.3 inches
Body: Full