Cohiba Robusto Cigars

Cohiba Robusto Cigars


This has been the finest Robusto out of Cuba since it was introduced in 1989, plain and simple. Initially you'll be impressed with the caramel coloured wrapper, triple cap and construction; much care is taken to blend and roll this Robusto and it is a remarkably consistent cigar. 

The age of this cigar can determine the smoking experience. A younger Cohiba Robustos can be a very complex and evolving cigar with sweeter notes of milk chocolate, fresh hay and spice. A cigar after 5 years or more of aging will have the same spice but more that of cedar and a darker chocolate, all the while burning very evenly with a stubborn white ash. 

Either way, fresh or aged, the Cohiba Robustos continues to thrill those who love a roughly 5 inch, 50 ring gauge cigar and hopefully Cohiba will be able to produce these great cigars for decades to come.

Popular Vitola: Robusto
Factory Vitola: Robustos
Ring Gauge: 50
Cigar Length: 124 mm / 4.8 inches
Body: Medium - Full